Scholarship Spotlight: Sara Solarz

“Apply for as many scholarships as you can!” is Sara Solarz’s advice to high school seniors. A 2017 graduate of Holdingford, Sara earned a scholarship from the Holdingford Scholarship Endowment.

“The scholarship has helped pay for my books and classes at St. Cloud Technical Community College where I am in the nursing program,” she said.

Sara is putting what she learned into practice by working at both the nursing home in Albany and at the St. Cloud Hospital. She chose a nursing career because she’s always been interested in the human body and she wanted to help people. “Nursing is just the best way to do that!”

Sara would eventually like to work with children. “I’m very passionate about working in pediatrics because I’ve always been good with kids and loved their energy. I have worked in a preschool setting and the family birthing center at the hospital and I loved them both! I’d love to end up working a mix of hospital and clinic work.”

In addition to scholarship applications, Sara recommends that high school seniors have some idea of what they want to study so they can better plan their classes. “Figure out what classes you have to take in college and what you don’t have to take, that way you don’t pay for classes you don’t need and your scholarships will go farther.”

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