Holdingford Scholarship Endowment

Scholarship Spotlight: Bridget Catton

The Holdingford Endowment Scholarship allows me to focus more on getting an education rather than worrying about how to pay for it. That’s the sentiment we wear time and again from our scholarship recipients who are living their lives across the globe, and it’s what we heard from 2019 Holdingford graduate Bridget Catton.

“This scholarship has helped me by allowing me to focus more on college than worrying about money for tuition,” she told us. “I will have to focus more on money and working throughout the next few years, but this scholarship helped allow me to enjoy my first year of college and experience what it’s like in a new environment and setting.”

Bridget is studying elementary education with a middle school math endorsement at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. “I chose elementary education because I love to work with children and help them learn. I have always had a passion for school and learning, and have been blessed with some outstanding role models in the teachers I have had. I also enjoy math, and I wanted to be able to teach both. Northwestern gave me that opportunity with the math endorsement.”

While scholarships partially help with tuition costs, Bridget still used her strong work ethic to earn money working at sporting events and theater performances on campus. She has work lined up for next year and plans to be a Resident Assistant in the dorms.

To recent Holdingford graduates and seniors, Bridget recommends being smart and careful with money. “Work a lot in the summer before you go to college and don’t spend lots of money,” she advises. “Saving money before you get to college will help a lot…once there, manage your time wisely because you will have lots of down time but that can be spent doing homework. And lastly, it’s alright if you need to take a day to yourself and just relax. College can become very challenging if you do not take a break and give yourself some ‘me’ time.”

Bridget went on to thank the Holdingford community for all of the support as she transitioned to her post-secondary education plans. “I want to thank the community for all they have provided for Holdingford seniors, especially when it comes to scholarships. Scholarships help tremendously and are extremely beneficial, so thank you!”

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