Holdingford Scholarship Endowment

Scholarship Spotlight: Bridget Catton

The Holdingford Endowment Scholarship allows me to focus more on getting an education rather than worrying about how to pay for it. That’s the sentiment we wear time and again from our scholarship recipients who are living their lives across…
Kelly Boeckermann

Holdingford Scholarship Endowment Announces New Advisory Board Chair

Kelly Boeckermann of Holdingford is elected chair; Bob Warzecha and Margaret Vos are elected to an additional term.

Scholarship Spotlight: Nathan Gerads

One of our most recent recipients of the Holdingford Scholarship Endowment is Nathan Gerads of the class of 2018.Now entering his second year at North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo, Nathan is studying mechanical engineering.…

Scholarship Spotlight: Abby Mokhtary

The Holdingford Scholarship Endowment awarded its first scholarships to seniors in 2014, which means many of those recipients are now vibrant, contributing citizens of communities near and far!Abby Mokhtary, who was awarded one of the…

Albany Enterprise Asks: Where are They Now?

Three Holdingford Scholarship Endowment recipients were recently interviewed by the Albany Enterprise about their college lives, mentors that have supported them along the way, and how the support of the Holdingford Scholarship Endowment has…