One of our most recent recipients of the Holdingford Scholarship Endowment is Nathan Gerads of the class of 2018.

Now entering his second year at North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo, Nathan is studying mechanical engineering. “My godfather was a mechanical engineer and I really enjoyed hearing about what he did,” said Nathan. “He was always excited to show me his projects that he was working on. I love math and physics, so it seemed a good fit for me.” 

Nathan chose NDSU because of its outstanding engineering program and the fact that it’s nearby if he wants to return home on the weekends. While working toward his degree, Nathan is employed at the NDSU woodworking shop as an assistant, helping other students who have assignments there and making sure they use the machinery safely.

Attending any post-secondary school takes careful financial planning – and that’s where community scholarships can make a huge difference. “Getting the Holdingford Scholarship Endowment award was very helpful,” Nathan said. “Having that little extra really makes a big difference when it comes to staying out of debt and not having to pay all that interest. Getting scholarships really makes the work of high school – all the studying and getting good grades – worthwhile.”

To Holdingford seniors, Nathan says to apply for every scholarship they can. “Even if it seems like you’ll have enough money to get by your first year, the summers are too short to make enough money to get by the second year. You have to look at the bigger picture and put in the effort to apply for scholarships. And as a recipient of the Holdingford Scholarship Endowment, I want to thank all of the donors. It really takes the worries away from taking care of finances so I can put more time and energy into actually learning, which will help me succeed that much better. It’s a massive help.”

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